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WINNER 유네스코 세계지질공원 동아시아플랫폼

유네스코 세계지질공원 동아시아플랫폼 설계공모에 1등 당선되었습니다.

Unveiled,excavated more value

Experience the shape of nature that has passed through a long time that is difficult to measure. It contains many academic values and cultural and humanities elements beyond what is simply seen.

The geological heritage of the Mudeungsan area was created by a volcanic eruption of the Mesozoic Era about 87 million years ago.

It is the only scenery in the world located on a mountain with an elevation of more than 750m above sea level.

Also Gwangseokdae, a 7-meter-long joint, is also the world's largest unique landscape.

We believe that the world geological platform does not stop at simply experiencing the exhibits, Visualize and tactile Mudeungsan's geological heritage to provide citizens with the heritage of nature that has gone through a majestic time sequence, and proposed to create a space that can be experienced with the five senses.

Excavation of 87 million-years-old heritage – the old ground

The unique geological heritage of the Mudeungsan area is a tangible asset created through the majestic time of the great nature.The act to experience the huge gap in time and place is like excavating a geological heritage. align with the process

Induction of flow for experience - chronological transition space

Visitors go through a transition space to experience the old ground, and in the process, they will be able to experience the flow of time and physicality while looking at the open landscape scenary of the Mudeung-mountain and the Kachi-bong side.

Connectivity around the new ground - integration of mixed program floor

The newly created geological platform is a facility where various programs are combined. The core function of exhibition- An integrated floor that can be used variably for education and research functions is organized around the operating space.

and proposes a circulating space structure centered on the ground courtyard for exchange.

Integration with artificial nature – landscpe scenary with raised land-form and Cracks

The raised land-form and expanded neare parks and plazas make it possible for citizens to communicarte about geological culture with various themes.

induce rock Experience and experience various geological phenomena within the gaps caused by the movement of the earth.

The appearance is the introductory indicator of the eco-cultural complex and the unique landscape of the Mudeungsan geological platform.

Article by by bonsi Architects

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